Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and Answers
Q: What size apartments do you have? A: Studio, One, Two and Three Bedrooms.
Q: What Utilities are paid? A: We pay water and trash.
Q: Do you have Laundry facilities? A: Six washers and six dryers, coin-operated.
Q: Is there parking available? A: Yes, ample parking - parking lot and garages.
Q: How much is the Security Deposit? A: $2000.00 due at time of signing lease.
Q: Do we get the security deposit back at the end of the lease? A: We charge for cleaning the apartment and carpet cleaning and any damage done to the apartment. Balance is refunded in one check payable to all tenants on the lease.
Q: Are we signing a lease or a month to month agreement? A: This is a 10 or 11 month lease beginning July 1 or August 1 and ending May 31.
Q: When is the first month’s rent due? A: July or August rent and May rent are due on or before the lease begins.
Q: When is rent due each month and is there a grace period? A: Rent is due on the first day of each month and late on the second day. There is a $75.00 late fee.
Q: Are pets allowed? A: No. Not even guest’s pets.
Q: Can we have a Barbeque? A: No, per our insurance company we are unable to allow barbeques.
Q: How many people can share the apartment? A: Studio: 1 person * One bedroom: 1-2 people * Two bedroom: - 2-3 people * Three bedroom: 3 people.

Rules and Regulations
- No loud music or noise at anytime.
- Our properties are gated. There is a $25.00 replacement fee for lost gate keys.
- Bicycle racks are not assigned. Usage is on a first come, first serve basis. Tenant assumes all responsibility.
- Apartments are cable ready; the cable company is Spectrum. Please call to order your personal service. No satellite dishes are allowed.
- Tenant is responsible for electric and gas bills.
- No barbeques are permitted on premises.
- We need the e-mail address of each tenant of so we can communicate with you via e-mail. Please turn it in to the management office.

- No pets, even visiting pets on premises.
- No guest parking. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at owner's expense. Please ask your guest(s) upon arrival where they have parked.
- No car washing, oil changing or car maintenance of any kind on premises. Flat tire changing is permitted.
- No changing any of the door locks. Do not put a lock on your bedroom door.
- There is a $250.00 administrative fee should you decide to back out of your lease prior to the start date. You will also be held responsible for the rent until the unit has been re-rented.

General Information
- Studio apartments, rent to one person. One BR, 1-2 people * Two BR, 2-3 people
- Three bedroom apartments, rent to three people. Lease is from July or August to May 31st.
- We pay the water and trash only.
- Deposit is $2000.00 due at the time lease is signed.
- First month's rent and May's rent are due on or before the lease start date.
- At the end of the lease, we will deduct from the security deposit for cleaning the apartment and cleaning the carpet and for any damages.
- Balance of deposit is returned in one check made payable to all tenants on the lease.
- Assigned parking is available to tenants with vehicles. You may not reassign your parking space to another person or tenant.